We are a group of local residents lobbying government authorities to save the Belmont Wetlands State Park (BWSP) from negative impacts to the wetlands, the beach and the community.

Community Vision for the Belmont Wetlands State Park

That BWSP is a destination where the natural beauty, cultural heritage, the flora and fauna and the stabilising coastal effect of the BWSP sand dune system continues to constitute an outstanding natural environment. It should be preserved, maintained and further regenerated in all its land types for community appreciation and engagement now and into the future. 

We want to ensure that the community has an unbiased say in the new Plan of Management.

The objectives are to:

  1. Ensure there is no beach camping permitted
  2. To establish a much smaller limit placed on 4wd access to the beach
  3. To have a ranger presence to enforce these rules 24/7
  4. To have a process of community consultation in independent hands and not in the hands of the current administrator that could have a financial interest in the park.